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Reactive Dog Program

Dog reactivity lunging, barking, nipping, and just uncontrollable behavior around dogs and people are a common tale. Giving your dog the skills to deal with regular day to day demands are key. While management is a part of dealing with reactive behavior and skill building makes for life long changes.

We at For Your K9 specialize in working with reactive or fearful dogs who act out aggressively. With the use of relationship based training through positive reinforcement, we help dogs develop coping skills while helping their caregivers understand how to set them up for success. Some dogs are even able to reduce their fear to a point they can happily interact with things they once found scary!

Do you want to experience having a less fearful dog that you feel more comfortable taking out in public or having people to your home?

Take the first step in joining our program to see if it is a good fit by completing a brief survey. Please email and we will send you a link to the survey.

Once you have completed the survey we will reach out to set-up an in-person assessment at our facility. This 30-minute assessment will determine if your dog is a good fit for the program (one time fee of $50). Next, you will be invited to our introductory session held every other month. The introductory session is a 2-hour human only session to get you started on the path to a less reactive dog (one time fee $150). Our all inclusive program was designed to provide maximum support for both the caregivers and their dog who reacts out of fear.

While we wish a fearful dog could be completely healed in a 90-minute session or a 6-week class, we know it takes months (if not years) to really help these dogs long term. Each dog is an individual. They, along with their caregivers, will need time to process, build on, and practice skills taught through this program.
What does the reactive dog program include? We are glad you asked!
  • 1-hour private coaching sessions with a qualified behavior consultant at our facility each month
  • Detailed homework notes from your monthly private coaching with video homework review and feedback
  • Four 1-hour group class modules per month focusing on: skills specific to their triggers, manners, scent work, agility and more!
  • Email correspondence with our qualified behavior consultants.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for those in the program.
  • 4 month package - $500 per month $2000
  • 6 month package - $475 per month $$2850
Reactive Dog Group Class Modules:

Each month you will be able to select up to four 1-hour modules that best fit your schedule. The 1-hour module will be limited to a maximum of four dogs and set-up specifically for fearful dogs to be successful in the environment. These modules are based on our 6-week group classes so your fearful dog can get a well rounded education.

Reactive Dog Module:
In this module we will focus specifically on skills to help your dog cope with their triggers. Helping you read your dog’s body language along with implementing specific tools to help your dog work through being in the presence of a trigger, boost confidence and options to manage situations not appropriate for training. This module is required every month.

Manners Module: In this module we will focus on teaching you how to teach your dog basic manners. Loose Leash Walking, Coming When Called, Sit and Down Stay, Puppy Politeness Poker, Wait at the Door, Wait to be Fed and more!

Agility Fun Module: In this module we will provide a fun experience using agility skills and equipment. This will help give your dog a new experience while boosting their confidence and burning extra energy. Dogs will work one at a time, relax in a visual barrier area or in their vehicle in between turns (depending on their reactivity).

Tricks 4 Clicks Module:
In this module you pick, or we will help you, pick tricks to teach your dog. Teaching tricks can boost your dog’s confidence, give them and job and have fun together in a group class setting. Get ideas of what you might want to teach your dog by visiting

Less Stress Vet Care Module:
In this module we will work on veterinary care and husbandry skills. Dogs who are fearful also tend to struggle with handling, nail care and veterinary care. This module will focus on muzzling, blood draw prep, easier well checks, nail care and more!

Intro to Scent Work (Level 1) Module: In this module we work on skills taught in our level 1 Intro to Scent Work class. Sniffing releases good endorphins that calm the brain. By allowing your dog to sniff out food or toy in boxes they boost confidence. Plus it gives them a fun activity to do in the safety of their own home. We will base the searches based on your dog’s experience level in the game.

Please let us know if there is a module you would like to see offered.
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