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Trials are a fun way to see how you are doing with your training. At For Your K9 we want to provide a fun, relaxing and supportive environment for our trials. No matter what sport you enjoy we have what you want. 
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Upcoming Trials:

July 15 & 16
Judging: Jerry McKenzie
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September 16 & 17
Judging: Mike Brownell

October 21 & 22
Judging: Carol Steffus-Hyland

December 2 & 3
Judging: Cheryl Cieslinski

Barn Hunt:


Upcoming Trials:

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Nose Work Trials & ORTs:


Upcoming Trials:

May 27 & 28, 2017 
Camp Dean Big Rock, IL
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Upcoming Odor Recognition Tests (ORT):

May 7, 2017 
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Upcoming Trials:

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Upcoming Trials:

Scent trials: 

April 15 & 16 
Judges: Joanne Soyke, Johnnett Ulch & Amy Wukotich
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Upcoming Trials:

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