I have grown up around obedience trained dogs. So at age 13 I bought and started training my own dog. I have been training ever since. My first obedience show was at 15. I have train a variety of different breeds my own almost all working. I had my own obedience classes at hillside and stone park park districts for about 4 years. I have trained people with issue dogs privately, so they could eventually take a class. (I have been do that for over 30 years.)

I have trained and shown my own dogs in Germany to compete in our equivalent here in the AKC confirmation, I also have had AKC champions. I put obedience titles on my dogs too. CD CDX UD and obedience titles in German Schultzhund II and was working on 3. But never got it. I now have a Boxer Joey who has his CD and we are now working towards our CDX.