Day Training FAQs

How long is the day training program? 

The day training program is 12 weeks long and consists of ONE full day drop off on Tuesdays at the facility. 


Do you have any other days available? 

At this time, we do not. Our only day available for day training is on Tuesdays. 


How many training sessions do they get throughout the day and how long are they? 

The time of the training sessions varies depending on the difficulty of the tasks we are working on. Harder tasks, we use shorter sessions to work on to give the dog a break. Dogs typically get 4 to 5 individual sessions throughout the day. 


What does my dog do between training sessions? 

Your dog will be resting in the crate between training sessions. We will also allow for playtime between dogs who are social and play appropriately with other dogs. They will also get potty breaks and short walks outside between sessions as well. 


What would I need to bring for my dog?

You will need to bring a variety of different treats for us to use. You are welcome to bring your dog’s own crate, however we have crates we will be able to use. If your dog doesn’t consume or shred beds, you can bring one for us to use in the crate as well. Your dog will need a harness/collar and a 6-8ft leash. We like the freedom harness (we have them available for purchase in our Adopt-A-Huky store in the front office) and we recommend a leather leash. 


How do I know my dog is a fit for the program? 

You will have to complete a Day Training Assessment with one of our trainers to determine if your dog is a fit for the program. During this assessment, we will evaluate your dog’s response to other dogs and people, if they are comfortable in a crate, if they are willing to work with another person and get a feel for the tasks you are needing help with. This program is not intended for dogs with any reactivity or any other behavioral concerns. 


How much does the program cost? 

The cost of the program is $2,597. Training your dog is an investment and you get a lot of additional support besides the 12 full-day drop off training sessions. 


What else is included in the day training program? 

The program includes: 

  • 12 weeks of one full day drop off training 
  • Videos of the training sessions and how to videos 
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Page where you can ask questions and get additional support 
  • 3 one hour private training sessions over the 12 weeks (either on zoom or in person at the training facility)
  • Weekly email recaps from the trainer outlining what was worked on and what your homework will be


How do I sign my dog up? 

If you are interested in the program, sign up for an assessment. If the trainer’s assessment goes well, they will let you know during that session and you can decide from there if you’d like to enroll in the program. 


Am I committed to the program if I do the assessment? 

No, absolutely not. In the assessment the trainer will also give you suggestions on what the best next steps are for you and get you started on some things to help relieve some of the pain points you are having. 


Is the program refundable? 

The program is non-refundable. 


Will I still have to do training with my dog? 

Yes, just like all the important things in our life, you will need to maintain the training with your dog. Throughout the program, you will be given homework to work on and if you are having issues, your trainer can help troubleshoot those. After the program is over, you can continue into another session of the program or choose some advanced obedience classes to take. 

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