Competitive Edge for K9 Sports

Learn how having a solid start will help lead you and your dog to successful competitions.

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  • Is your stomach in knots as you walk to begin a competition with your dog?
  • Is your breathing quicker because you are scared to death of making mistakes?
  • Are you worried your training won’t hold up in competition?
  • Is your mind scrolling through what could go wrong?

In this free training video, you will discover how having a solid and consistent start line routine will maintain your focus and calm throughout the competition.

Having a strong start in any dog sport will give you the competitive edge you need for stronger performances and more successful competitions. 

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Here’s what we'll explore, learn, and discover in this free training video:

  • How to establish a start routine for any sport and any dog
  • How to have focus consistently at every trial
  • How to develop a routine that goes beyond the competition by developing better focus in training
  • Every dog handler team is unique, explore different start line routines and find one that suits you and your dog