You’ll do better if you RELAX at the competition, right?

“I just need to qualify in this round! I am so nervous I can’t focus!”

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What do you suppose it takes to reach and maintain a competitive edge in any dog sport competition? 

Skills training for you and your dog is one thing, but keeping your mind from racing before starting any competition is a whole other, separate issue altogether. It is crucial if you want to have consistent performance in dog sports.  

If you want to have consistent performance in your sport, you must have good technical skills for you and your dog, a trial plan, and a strong mental program.

  Having consistent performance means keeping your cool when things don’t go as planned and knowing proven strategies to help you and your dog relax so that trial day jitters don’t get in the way of your day.

Learning how to plan strategies for trial day will help you confidently approach trials with strong mental focus.

To get to the bottom of this dilemma, we are super excited to extend to you a special invitation to our Competitive Edge Facebook group! By becoming a special founding member of our community, you will receive ongoing support and guidance to help you develop and maintain the mindset that is needed for success in various dog sports.

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