Expert Training For Your K9

Foundational Training for Dogs and Puppies

Expert training with gentle handling and positive motivational techniques teach you and your dog the basics of obedience.

Workshops & Events

Connect with others who share and understand your passion for dogs, and grow your relationship with your dog while giving them a job to do.

Dog Sports

Engaging in activities like agility, barn hunt, or nose work not only offers mental stimulation but also helps to burn off your dog’s excess energy, contributing to the overall happiness of your canine companion!

From Puppies to Polished Companions: Explore Our Diverse Range of In-Person and Online Training, Workshops, and Dog Sports Programs!

Dog Sports

Dogs generally love to work, but sometimes you need to find the right activity that engages and enthuses them. Just as we need to find a profession or job that makes us happy, our dogs need it, too! There are many benefits to finding a sport you and your dog both enjoy.

Nose Work

Nose Work



Brown and white dog sitting up with blue ribbon at RATM event.

Barn Hunt

Upcoming Workshops & Dog Sports Events

Our events and activities are aimed at developing the human/dog relationship in social settings and promote a sense of community among dog lovers.

Private Lessons

Need one-on-one training to refine your skills? You can schedule private lessons to work on K9 Nose Work and Barn Hunt with Jill Snyder and Nose Work, Barn Hunt and any specific behavior issues with Nancy Reyes, behavior Consults with Liz Vanderhoef or Lisa Bataska. You can even schedule Canine Fitness and Canine Massages with Tracy Zuniga or Agility Privates with our other instructors.

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Training from Dog's Perspective

Training From the
Dog's Perspective

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Dog Sports brochure

Dog Sports

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Free Training Videos

Video of Dog waiting

Improve Your Dog’s Ability to Stay at Odor

In this free training video, learn how to implement an effective reward system to keep your dog at odor.

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Video of dog completing agility course

Competitive Edge for
Dog Sports

Learn how having a solid start and consistent performance will lead you and your dog to successful competitions.

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