Core Values


Helping the dog human relationship by increasing their knowledge and skills.

At For Your K9 we not only teach you and your dog, we teach you how to learn together as a team. When you learn with your dog, you build a bond that comes from understanding how you and your dog can work with one another. We understand the subtleties of our relationships with our canine partners, and we help to build up both dog AND handler. We teach humans to read their dog partners, understand their behaviors and reinforcements, and we help dogs to better adjust to and perform what is asked of them whether it’s a performance or daily living.


Changing human to human relationships by building a community of like-minded people to support, encourage, share experiences, compete together, and welcome those interested in building a better relationship with their dog

We strive to create a welcoming, supportive environment for all humans and dogs. We understand that it can be daunting to join a training facility, especially if you are taking your training to the next level. Our facility, staff, and clients enter every relationship with thoughtfulness, compassion, and a drive to better one another whether it’s through teaching, learning, growing, or competing together.

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Enhancing the dog-handler relationship by achieving excellence in multiple elements from competition to behavior

Whatever your goals are, be it performance titles or a confident companion who will turn to you in times of unease, For Your K9 aims to propel handlers and dogs to be the best they can be. We tailor training to the individual and dog-human pair to reach above and beyond original goals. Helping handlers see the possibility for excellence, our instructors show the way to make a better handler, dog, and team through attention to detail, knowledge of canine behavior, and a love of helping others reach their potential.


Leading with kindness and understanding, we treat all humans and dogs with respect, and meet each individual where they are in their journey

Compassion and respect are key, not only when working with dogs, but when working with humans too. We understand that not all people and dogs fit cookie cutter training methodologies. Our training is tailored to each individual to meet them where they are comfortable; we are here to nurture and support every team’s process. Aiming for excellence does not come at the cost of quality; we encourage an open dialogue between trainer and students with respect and kindness at the forefront.