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Puppy I

This is the most important class you will ever attend with your puppy. Your puppies experiences are the most crucial during these early months. The experiences they have during these formative months will last with them for the rest of their lives. Socializing your puppy and teaching them basic skills will help them live as happy and productive members of the family. Everyone in the family needs to be involved and committed because consistency is KEY!

For Your K9’s Puppy Class is for new puppies from 8 weeks up to 5 months of age. We spend our time working on your puppies socialization skills, which includes playtime with the other puppies in class. In addition to this we work on developing your puppies basic commands.

We also help you with real life topics like house training, crate training, mouthing and chewing. Training helps you establish a special bond with your puppy using positive reinforcement methods.

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