Our Team

At For Your K9, our exceptional team of staff and instructors sets us apart. Our instructors are not only highly skilled in their respective sports, but they also stay up-to-date with the latest developments. This continual pursuit of knowledge ensures that they maintain an extensive knowledge base and the expertise needed to deliver top-quality training.

Office Staff

Nancy Reyes, Owner
Noel Dagley
Barb Cote
Evelyn Baginski
Felicia Rivera
Nancy Saia

Foundation, Specialty Classes & Staff Trainers

Debbie Bickford
Jill Snyder
Lisa Bataska
Nancy Reyes
Matt Downs
Sarah Porterfield
Liz Vanderhoef
Bri Sochacki



Angie Pawinski
Arlyn Sigeti
Beth Sigeti
Beth Diehl
Janice Tripow
Hali Jones
Patty Golden
Fabio Festi


Barn Hunt

Joyce Pedicini
Jill Snyder
Mary Engstrom
Tracy Zuniga
Amanda Ketchum


Competition Obedience, Rally, & Other Speciality Classes

Marie Smith
Sandy Lewandowski
Cori Pedota


K9 Nose Work

Amy Wukotich
Gerry Bara
Kathie Garcia
Doug Howell
Erin Rezmer, CNWI
Jill Snyder, CNWI
Kris Belardinelli
Melanie Herbst, ANWI
Nancy Reyes, CNWI
Tom Rezmer, CNWI
Tonya Scribner