Evelyn Baginski

Evelyn Baginski

Picture this: Evelyn, a dog enthusiast extraordinaire, has been barking up the canine tree since she was knee-high to a sausage dog. Her journey began at the tender age of 11 when she welcomed her first puppy into her life – and from that moment on, she was in deep, doggy doodoo. With a menagerie of mutts trotting through her life, Evelyn swears they’ve been her wisest teachers, imparting more wisdom than a pack of philosophers on a good day.

Fast forward to August 2022, and Evelyn lands herself a spot at FYK9, stationed at the front desk like a canine concierge. But before her illustrious career as a receptionist, she dabbled in the arts of Barn Hunt with her dynamic duo, Luna and Nero – a German Shepherd/Husky mix and a purebred German Shepherd, respectively. These two four-legged fiends aren’t just her sidekicks; they’re her partners in crime, accompanying her everywhere, including the office where they probably do more work than she does.

But don’t let her desk duties fool you – Evelyn’s got dreams bigger than a Great Dane’s appetite. She’s already snagged a few titles and ribbons at FYK9, and her heart beats faster than a Chihuahua’s feet in a high-speed chase at the thought of becoming one of their esteemed trainers someday.

When she’s not playing receptionist extraordinaire, Evelyn’s out there living her best doggone life – hiking through forest preserves with Luna and Nero, making waves in swimming holes, gardening with a green thumb that’d make a cactus blush, and roping her poor husband into more DIY projects than he can shake a chew toy at. And let’s not forget her love affair with Michigan – it’s like her personal Shangri-La, except instead of mythical beasts, it’s full of tail-wagging adventures.

So here’s to Evelyn, the queen of FYK9, whose future shines brighter than a freshly polished dog tag. With Luna and Nero by her side, there’s no mountain too high, no trail too ruff, and no dream too fur fetched.

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