Barb Insel

Barb kneeling and posing with dog.Barb Insel

A veterinary technician for over 20 years, Barb joined the For Your K9 family as a student when her Belgian Malinois, Rommel, began taking Nose Work classes. Rommel thrived under the instruction of his For Your K9 teachers, becoming a more independent and confident dog. A couple of years later, Barb “was bitten by the training bug,” and began mentoring under Nancy Reyes and Natasha Thomas.

Barb now serves as an instructor of nose work, basic obedience, puppy I and canine life and social skills. Her favorite part of the job? Watching handlers and their dogs bond during class and learn how to communicate with one another.

Barb and Rommel continue to take rally, nosework and canine life and social skills classes as part of their journey together. They also enjoy long hikes through area forest preserves and exploratory walks around Chicago.


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