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Basic Obedience

Dogs can learn at any age. We help older dog’s unlearn any undesirable behaviors and teach them new, more appropriate behaviors.

For Your K9’s Basic Obedience Class is for dogs 5 months and older (unless you have graduated from our Puppy Class). We use today’s more progressive positive motivational training techniques. Understanding the dog’s perspective, gentle handling, patience, respect and practice will make you and your dog a successful team. During this class you will teach your dog basic skills such as loose leash walking, sit, down, wait, etc.

Subjects like nipping and biting, jumping on people, problem barking, digging and chewing will also be discussed. Training helps you establish a special bond with your dog using positive reinforcement methods. It is this positive relationship that increases the bond and teamwork between trainer and dog. A good relationship leads to excellence in the performance of learned behavior.

First class is for HUMANS ONLY.

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