Lisa Bataska

Lisa and dog cuddling in a blanketLisa Bataska

Lisa Bataska is a long-time friend to For Your K9, and currently serves as a behavioral specialist here, hosting workshops and helping dogs and their families with private training.

With over 20 years of experience, Lisa firmly believes that learning never ends. She is currently enrolled in a Shelter Dog Mentorship under Trish McMillan, and is working towards becoming a certified canine fitness instructor.

At home, Lisa has a huge pack of her own! Her dogs include: Simon (15), Australian shepherd, Lucas (13), Fender (11) and Ivy, all miniature American shepherds, Cadence (3) a dutch shepherd, Tenor (2) a border collie, Lyric (2) a German Shepherd and last but not least, Pandora (1) a cattle dog. Though agility is her favorite dog sport, Lisa also participates in dock diving, nosework, rally and obedience with her pups.

Lisa works with a variety of local animal rescues, where she loves developing programs to enrich and assess dogs, as well as educate staff and volunteers.


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