Why Train at For Your K9?

We believe that dog training is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. We emerge out of relationships with not only people but every species and are deeply intertwined with one another. The For Your K9 training philosophy is based on the unique Relationship Centered Training (RCT) developed by Suzanne Clothier. The RCT philosophy is to promote a relationship of harmony and mutual respect between humans and dogs.
For Your K9's skilled professional trainers use training methods that emphasize compassion, communication and an appreciation of the dog's perspective. Good communication and mutual respect are key for the success of any relationship. We strive to help people develop good communication skills to enhance the dog/human relationship while having fun learning new skills in a calm, relaxed environment.

Our wide variety of classes and activities are designed to enhance and develop the human/dog relationship experience. For Your K9 is there to help you enjoy every step of a life shared with dogs.

Our Vision The For Your K9 vision is humans and dogs truly enjoying their relationship with understanding, caring and love.
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